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Client Appreciation Event

On September 20, 2005, DEL Property Management Inc. hosted over 400 Client Board Members at the Spirale Banquet Hall, for a very special “Client Appreciation Event”. The gala event was held to pay tribute to DEL’s wonderful client relationships and to share news of DEL’s most recent noteworthy accomplishments.

DEL’s highest priority has always been client satisfaction. So it is particularly gratifying that DEL has been presented with this year’s Gold Medal Consumers' Choice Award, which recognizes excellence in this respect. That recognition came on the heels of DEL also being named the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario's Corporate Member of the Year.

Since longstanding and mutually beneficial relationships with its valued clients is the very backbone of DEL's success in condominium management, and in light of the aforementioned achievements, the DEL team thought it timely to arrange this event and present its clients with personalized longevity plaques.

DEL is very appreciative that, in an extremely competitive profession, most of its contractual associations originated more than 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years ago, because, DEL believes, it has done its best to maintain the highest possible standards of quality, care, integrity, knowledge and creative ability.

Over the last 10 years, DEL has been successful in more than doubling the size of its client portfolio. In the process, just over 66 per cent of DEL’s clients have engaged DEL for at least 5 years; 40 per cent of DEL’s clients have been with DEL for the last 10 years and longer; over 25 per cent have been with DEL for the past 15 years and more; 11 per cent of DEL's clients have been its loyal clients for 20 years and longer; and 3 of DEL’s valued clients have honoured DEL with their patronage, for 25 years and more. Since 1992, over 93 per cent of DEL’s portfolio has engaged only DEL, as its provider of professional condominium management services.
Congratulations to the DEL team! We wish you continued success and further deserving recognition.

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Here’s what some attendees had to say:
"it was a splendid evening!"

"An evening with style and elegance"

"Del's client event was a raging success"
"A class function, by a class organization"
"A wonderful tribute to all of us associated with Del"

Thank you for your continued support

A special thank you to Del for allowing Rogers to sponsor the Del Condominium Appreciation event.  We are proud to provide Del, their Condominium Boards and residents with premium communication services.  And we look forward to continuing to strengthen our relationships with both Del and our mutual clients.

Halsall is proud to serve Del and their clients.

Carrier Canada is pleased to have the opportunity to participate as a Gold sponsor of your Client Appreciation Evening to show our support of DEL and their clients.

 Carrier has enjoyed a strong service relationship with DEL and values the business that has resulted. We take pride in the fact that the relationship has grown and been mutually beneficial to all parties involved, a characteristic of a true partnership. 

We feel that DEL’s clients are some of the best customers we deal with and our employees truly enjoy servicing such customers.

Congratulations on your continued success in partnership with Del Property Management Inc. 

We also look forward to continuing to provide our services on your behalf.

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