Annual DEL Cup Bridge Tournament

Annual DEL Cup Bridge Tournament – 2016  Event Commentary:

The 2016 Annual DEL Cup Bridge Tournament took place at the exquisite recreation centre of the lovely Classic and Excellence condominiums located in the Don Mills area.

After a light breakfast, the 108 registered finalists started their bidding at 10:30 a.m. and played through until approximately 1:30 p.m. when the players quenched their thirst and satisfied their appetites at the attractive buffet table that awaited them in the adjoining area.

During dessert, prizes were presented for the condominium level of play followed by trophies presented to the individual DEL Cup Champions of the day.

The over-all condominium with the best score won the DEL Cup which was gleefully accepted by the team from the Zenith. They are displaying the DEL Cup in their condominium for all to see before returning it next year when the team no doubt returns to defend their title as DEL Cup Champions.

For more photos and further details, please look in the DEL Diversions section of your copy of the Fall/Winter issue of DEL Condominium Life magazine.