Client Appreciation Event

On the evening of September 30, 2015, Del Property Management hosted over 500 client board members at Parkview Manor for a very special client appreciation event. The gala paid tribute to Del’s wonderful client relationships, some of which have lasted for over thirty-five years.

Del’s highest priority has always been client satisfaction. Since longstanding and mutually beneficial relationships are the very backbone of Del’s success, the Del team thought it timely to arrange this event and to present our clients with personalized longevity plaques. These plaques were designed by our marketing committee and delivered to each recipient by a white-gloved member of Del’s staff.

Del is very appreciative that in an extremely competitive profession most of our contractual associations originated more than five, ten, even 35 years ago. We believe this can be attributed to the care we take to maintain the highest possible standards of quality, care, integrity, knowledge and creative ability. Over the last 20 years, this approach has allowed us to more than quadruple the size of our client portfolio.

We thank all participants for sharing such an important and memorable evening in Del’s history, and for all the kind letters and words that were expressed not only during the evening, but also in the weeks that followed. Everyone at Del treasures the partnership and the success we share with our clients.

This was Del’s second Client Appreciation Event. The first was held in September 2005. We look forward to hosting you all once again in 2025.