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Professional Condominium Management

Del has had the pleasure of providing its services to condominiums since 1968, in fact since the inception of the condominium concept in Ontario.  Del elected to specialize in condominium property management, new condominium startups through a dedicated and specialized team (New Development Team), and we believe that our dedicated staff, along with the unique and ambitious programs we have pioneered and developed over the years, help to make us the leaders in this professional field. 

Del provides its comprehensive suite of services to the entire spectrum of condominiums, initially to those created by Tridel and, since 1984, to other existing condominium corporations and those built by a variety of developers throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

On behalf of over 87,000 condominium homes in Ontario, we embrace what we like to call, "the condominium lifestyle".  We believe in managing homes and communities, not just bricks and mortar.  We believe that this becomes evident in our management style and in our attention to detail.

Owing to the fact that we are a well respected, progressive company, we do attract very qualified, career-minded managers.  But our managers don't stop learning when they reach our door.  Our ongoing programme of Professional Development ensures that our staff members are kept up to date on current legislation, maintenance techniques, legal and insurance issues and other aspects of the day-to-day condominium management function.  We believe that this investment in our staff directly benefits our clients.

We have an excellent track record with regard to the accounting function, timely and accurate financial reporting, budgets, and investment advice.  We also introduce a strict set of internal checks and balances, so that for expenditures made on your condominium corporation's behalf, your Directors can sign every cheque with confidence.

A key area, in which Del can have positive impact on your bottom line, is our buying power.  Because of our size and our influence in the marketplace, we command and receive bulk discounts, preferred pricing, and priority service on behalf of our clients.  For example, through continuing negotiations, brand name companies such as Carrier, York, ThyssenKrupp, Grand & Toy, Home Depot, and Rogers Cable, offer our clients substantial savings.

But perhaps the most important aspect of our business, is the human aspect.  We understand that this is, after all, a people business.  We go out of our way to employ friendly, capable and respectful staff members, and we certainly believe that in order for us to be successful, the "marriage" between the Manager, the Board of Directors, and the residents, is of utmost importance.

We welcome the opportunity to prove ourselves to you.

Our Mission Is to Empower


Professional Condominium Management of condominium homes throughout the G.T.A.


client satisfactory retention

Over the years, owing to our proud history, our principles, Board of Directors, and esteemed colleagues, Del has built a remarkable legacy.  One that is defined by our dedication to our clients, the exceptional management of Tridel communities, and our collaborative partnerships with other most-valued developers.  

Together, we have created vibrant and thriving neighbourhoods that embody the values we hold dear.

Our Core Values

We practice what we preach


Doing the right thing


Delivering Del's renowned capabilities


Building on new ideas, which is the engine for prosperity


Working together to meet our commitments

Family Values

Carrying on business with respect and pride

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