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Meet the Team

Del Executive Profile

New Development Team

The New Development team at Del specializes in new Condominium Start Ups’.  They prepare the new condominium budgets well before the construction starts.  The team is part of the new development design committee meetings from inception.

Julian Dyrmishi, VP at DPM

Julian Dyrmishi

VP, Operations & Business Development

Cynthia Chung, District Manager at DPM

Cynthia Chung

District Manager

Dominic Lazzaro, Budget Accountant and Systems Manager at DPM

Dominic Lazzaro

Budget Accountant & Systems Manager

Lynn Bowers, District Manager at DPM

Lynn Bowers

District Manager


Suhail Shah

District Manager

Nicole Carino, New Development Coordinator at DPM

Nicole Carino

New Development Coordinator

Vijay Mehta, District Manager at DPM

Vijay Mehta

District Manager

Lore Piccoli, New Project Manager at DPM

Lore Piccoli

New Project Manager

District Managers

District Managers at DPM

HR & Administration

HR and Administration at DPM

Accounting Team

Accounting Team, Junior and District Accountants at DPM

Head Office and Site Team

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